About Me

I love to design, develop, and teach. I work as a Technology Lead at , and specialize in product design, data, and critical thinking. Say hi!!

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Design & Development

I design responsive, functional and superfast websites, wordpress, Magento, HTML5 and much more.

Web designing has moved from desktop to smartphones. The need to keep User Experience in mind while creating websites is inevitable now. A website should load fast and be accessible on all kinds of devices, even on slow internet connection.

Today's new age website are all about minimalism. I try to keep what is necessary and leave everything else, making a website content oriented and beautiful.

Search Engine

I can optimize your website for search engines to better list you.

Organic traffic is the best kind of traffic you can get. SEO optimization involves a lot of advanced changes like SSL, AMP pages, Schema, Breacrums etc.

Like they perfection is not a state but rather a process, so is SEO/SEM. I make sure I adapt the client's website to the SEO/SEM rules as they change


I perform digital marketing to reach more audience.

I help clients reach a greater audience through Digital Marketing. The process involoves Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing etc.

Digital Marketing helps to reach targeted customers in a short period of time.

Decision Support

By understanding the software business environment, the technical constraints and how big players built their dominance, I can help you choose the right technologies.

I've been invloved in various projects, all the way from building an ERP solution to Ecommerce solution, to developing Airtifical Intelligence alogirthms for Fantasy football, to developing a new langauge for gamers.

I like to save clients a buck load of money and time on making technology decisions.


From understanding your business and users, sketching wireframes and navigation flows to prototyping and mocking up high-fidelity interfaces, I've got you covered.

Support & DevOps

I provide maintaince and support for your existing sites or web/mobile apps. I'm somewhat an expert when it comes to Linux servers and the cloud.

Hire Me!

If you are looking for a minimal, visually apprealing, superfast and functional web application software or website then you are at the right place.

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